Selous Game Reserve Tanzania

This is the largest national park Africa and the linchpin of Tanzania’s under-utilized but utterly compelling southern safari circuit. And its said that this national park is twice the size of Denmark at approximately 55,000 sq Kms. And said to be a home to over one million mammals. Because of this wilderness only the Beho Beho region, north of the Rufiji River is open to tourists. However the best time to visit is July-October, though precaution needs to be taken since the area is infested with the Tsetse flies.

Selous is renowned for its large herds of Elephant and Rhino, which have declined drastically from the 1980's as a result of poaching. Some 400 species of birdlife have been recorded including the elusive Eleanor’s Falcon. The real showpiece of the park has to be the Rufiji which flows through its heart and gives the view of large numbers of Hippo's about; Crocodiles bask like rough boulders on its banks.

The Rufiji and its dependant's create the largest river catchment in East Africa. Highlights include Stiegler's Gorge about 100 m high, providing a dramatic river bottleneck and 20 km downstream the 5 swampy Lakes that this river system feeds before leaving the reserve. Here a variety of 'Plains Game' including the rare Sable Antelope, Greater Kudu and Waterbuck refresh themselves. Hot Sulphur Springs bubble up at Maji Moto, near Beho Beho - some just cool enough to swim in! Walking safaris are organized in this reserve, but expect the wildlife to be shy. Hunting Dog, Spotted Hyena, Lion and Leopard have been sighted along with Buffalo and Elephant.

The largest game reserve in Africa and it’s 4 times the size of the Serengeti. It possesses a diverse landscape from hot volcanic springs, sporadic lakes, channels from the Great Rhaha and Rufiji rivers. Walking is permitted but it should be made with an armed ranger. The park inhibits over 350 species of bird and 2,000 species of plants to see makes this the most heavenly sanctuary to explore.

Activities and Special Interests
Take a four wheel car across Stieglers Gorge 100 metres deep and 100 metres wide; bird watching; photography; walking safaris; and fishing Tiger Fish and Vandu found in the rivers of the Kilombero Game Controlled Area to the west of the reserve.

Selous is famous for its elephant, hippopotamus and rhino (although now few remain). The park has a broad range of game: buffalo - the largest population in Africa; Nyasaland gnu; brindled gnu; hartebeest; Greater Kudu; sable antelope; eland; reedbuck; bushbuck; waterbuck; warthog; zebras; giraffe; and wildebeest. Also: lion, leopard, the spotted hyena and hunting dog are in abundance, but the cheetah are rare; there are over 350 species of bird and reptiles such as crocodiles and various snakes and lizards.

Mainly based in the northern part of the game reserve you can stay in either the Island Mbuyini luxury tented camp, Richard Bonham, the Sand River Selous, the Mbuyu camp, or the Rufiji River Camp. Game drives by vehicle, boat trips, and long and short walking safaris into the reserve may be made from these camps and lodges.