Great African Rift Valley Tours

The Great African Rift Valley Tours are the best destination for those in love with all what nature has to give, game viewing, geologists for the regions ecological heritage and bird watchers.

A seismic activity of galactic proportions carved through the African continent nearly 20 million years ago. This fault line that ripped through Africa from Ethiopia's Red Sea shore to Malawi and Mozambique, has segregated the plains of Kenya and other East Africa countries from the tropical rainforests and deserts of the rest of Africa.

When Kenya came under British protectorate and Nairobi became the capital of British East African colony, the Great African Rift Valley became the playground of lesser-known aristocracy whose scandalous activities gave this fertile valley about 5,600 km in length the name 'Happy Valley'.

Tourist Attractions
The Rift Valley is strewn with lakes and wildlife reserves. While the enormous Lake Victoria resides mostly in Tanzania, the smaller and shallower freshwater as well as brackish water lakes draw the tourists to Kenya.

While the alkaline waters of Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementaita and Lake Bogoria attract flamingoes and pelicans by the thousands, the scenic orchards, farmlands, and acres of flower plantations that surround the freshwater Lake Naivasha leave you breathless.

Kenya is also the right place to check out the steep cliffs overlooking the Great Rift Valley floor. Between the Mau Escarpment and the Aberdare mountains, especially at Nakuru, the rift is the narrowest and the most spectacular.

National Parks
The National Parks in the Great African Rift Valley is a treasure trove of ecological game. The alkaline lakes thrive in algae and crustaceans that in turn attract the interest of svelte pelicans and pink flamingoes.

Drive by the national park next to Lake Nakuru any time of the day and the game viewer and birdwatcher in you will not be disappointed. Here, you can spot the white and black rhinos grazing together, lions, antelopes, monkeys and leopards are not far away.

Also visit the freshwater Lake Naivasha that extends sanctuary to African cape buffaloes, hippos, zebra, impala, giraffe, kongoni known as the African antelopes and a diverse population of birds, fish eagles, ospreys, lily-trotters, black crakes and herons.