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The National Museum, Nairobi
The Capital of Kenya Nairobi is the commercial centre of East Africa, and it’s a completely modern creation and almost everything here was built in the last years but is as rich in history and culture as it is in the urban comforts and recreational facilities. Until the 1890s this was an isolated swamp, but as the east Africa railway fell into place a depot was established here, quickly becoming the administrative nerve centre of the east Africa railway. In 1901, the capital of the British protectorate was moved here from Mombassa and the city’s future was assured.

Once the railway was up and running, the wealth began to flow into the city, the colonial government built some grand hotels in order to accommodate Kenya’s first tourists, the big game hunters. Sadly, most of these buildings were replaced by bland modern offices following independence in 1963.

Nairobi has national parks, restaurants and bars, luxury hotels and forest lodges, skyscrapers and historical buildings, museums and galleries, and a host of other adventure sports opportunities that at an easy distance from each other.

The National Museum
National Museum is the commonly visited museum in Nairobi, the National Museum is home to the relics of Nairobi's geological , cultural and evolutionary history. Its extensive ornithological collection, Geology Gallery, Gallery of Contemporary East Africa Art, and Prehistoric Gallery are of particular interest to the tourists.

Masai Markets
These markets are great for shopping curios and ethnic items, Masai Markets are the traditional and reasonably markets that you are bound to run in anywhere in Nairobi - whether on a stroll down your hotel alley or on your tour of the Nairobi streets.
Karen Blixen Museum

Author of 'Out of Africa' that came to limelight with the Oscar winning film by the same name, Karen Blixen is still a well-known name in Kenya. Located in the her home that itself is a heritage building for its old colonial architecture, the Karen Blixen Museum is a must visit on Nairobi Tours.

Giraffe Center
These giraffes are spread over 120 acres of land just outside the reaches of urban Nairobi, The Giraffe Manor is a famous tourist attraction for its Giraffe population that were born and reared here. Feast your eyes on the adorable photographs and feed the Giraffes on your visit here.

Nairobi National Park
Spread over 113 km, with a magnificent view of the city horizon, Nairobi National Park is a must visit for all nature lovers. For the city troopers, the Nairobi National Park provides a cursory view of the wildlife that has made Kenya so famous. Nairobi National Park, located in the city is popularly known for reintroducing zebras and rhinos, amongst other species, into the wilderness of Tsavo National Park that is their natural home.

The National Museum, Nairobi
Bush walks with trained guides, balloon safaris over the city skyline, or fishing on Lake Victoria, these are just some of the activities that you can indulge in on your Nairobi Tours in Kenya. The other popular activities include sightseeing, partying at the happening night spots, game viewing and bird watching, train rides on the historical narrow gauge.

How to Reach
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is located 15 km from the city center, connects Nairobi to the major cities in the world while the Wilson Airport connects Nairobi to the rest of Kenya.