Trekking and walking safari Kenya

Mt Kenya is the obvious trekking choice; both other promising and relatively unexplored territory includes Mt Elgon on the Ugandan border, the Cherangani Hills and Kerio Valley east of kitale, the Mathews Range, the Loroghi Plateau north of maralal, and even the Ngong Hills close to Nairobi.
When trekking throughout Kenya one should follow the following rules concerning environmental guidelines:
If there is no toilet burn your waste and bury the residue at least 100m from any watercourse.
Avoid removing the plant life that keeps topsoil in place
Open fires are not permitted. Cook on a light weight kerosene, alcohol or shellite commonly known as the light gas stove.
Don’t use detergents or toothpaste within 50m of watercourse, even if they are biodegradable.
Stick to existing tracks and avoid short cuts by-passing a switchback. If you blaze a new trail straight down a slope, it will erode the hillside with the next heavy rainfall.
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