Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano and has the largest surface area in the world (50 by 80km) with a caldera which covers over 40km at the top of the mountain. The highest peak being Wagagai, 4.321m. Mt Elgon lies at the border with Kenya in Eastern Uganda. There are several trekking trails around Mount Elgon.

The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes 4 to 5 days to complete; following is the Sasa or Sipi Trails. From Parkway Exploration Centre (UWA quarter) you can take at least three different days hikes, the Chebanet Falls, Mountain Bamboo trail and Ridge view trail.

The one day trail to see the four Sipi Falls is a popular activity and it starts from the village of Sipi. Everybody can undertake this trekking, since Mt Elgon is not a difficult mountain to climb. There is no technical climbing equipment or skills required and the altitude sickness is not a common problem in this trekking.

The best time to visit Mount Elgon is May and September, November and December.
Visiting Mount Elgon is an exciting trekking experience, for the interesting flora and fauna, the spectacular water falls which includes the famous Sipi falls, several caves and panoramic views.

The Mountain is home to the Bagisu and the Sabiny people and the area is well known for the high cultivation of good Arabic coffee of the Bagisu quality. While ascending the peaks, you meet four different vegetation zones: the montane forest, the bamboo forest, the heath zone and moorland zone, where you can find some endemic species of plants like giant Lobelia elgonensis, particular groundsels, and everlasting flowers. At the moment there are no huts available in the mountains, but there nice designated camping sites.

The trekking circuit of Mount Elgon
Trekking 1. Sipi Trail 5 days and 4 nights, this is an easier and a gradual route that passes through the interesting sites like Tutum cave.

Day 1 – From Kapkway to Tutum Camp

In the morning after breakfast drive from Mbale passing via Sipi, you reach Kapkway Exploration Center, UWA headquarter. After arranging with the guide and porters about food and camping gear, you start walking up to Tutum Cave Camp (2667m) through montane and bamboo forest. Tutum cave is spectacular hidden within the forest. Dinner and overnight at the camping site. Distance of the day: 11 km. Altitude of the day: 900m.

Day 2 – From Tutum Camp to Kajeri Camp
After an early breakfast proceed the hike to Kajeri Camp approximately 3383m go for dinner overnight at the camp site. Distance of the day: 17 km. Altitude of the day: 900m.

Day 3 – From Kajery Camp to Mude Camp
After breakfast walk sloping down after Muyembe cam to Mude cave Camp about 3.500m, where you join the Sasa Trial. Dinner and overnight at camp distance of the day: 25 km. Altitude of the day: 120 m.

Day 4 – From Mude Camp to Wagagai Peak to the camp
After an early breakfast you walk through the moorland zone up to the main peak, Wagagai, and return to the Mude campsite for dinner and overnight. Distance of the day: 18 km. Altitude of the day: 820m.

Day 5 – From Mude Camp descend to Budadiri

The trekking ends descending to Budadiri, the gate of the national park nearby Mbale.