Kenya Plantation Tours


Traditionally Kenya is an agricultural country with tea and coffee plantations forming its major cash crops. These plantations are not only a symbol of Kenya's colonial past but are also a landmark of its vibrant economy. The evolution of societal norms, political ethos, and cultural symbols are deeply entwined with the emergence of plantations in Kenya.

With Kenya Plantation Tours, you will travel through one of the most remarkable turning points in the history of Kenya. From the coffee plantations in Kiambu and Murang'a districts of Central Province in Kenya, to the tea plantations in the Kericho district of Rift Valley Province in Kenya; Kenya Plantation Tours takes you through the most scenic locals and breathtaking settings in the heart of a land primarily known for its safari tours.

Tea and Coffee Plantations in Kenya
Besides Munene, Koorali, and Nyakinyua coffee plantations, and the famous tea plantations owned by Brooke Bond Company, the largest producer of tea in Kenya, Kenya Plantation Tours also include other attractions to make your journey a wholesome and memorable affair with nature. You can trek and hike to the mountains or go scuba diving in the ocean, depending on your choice.

Tourist Attractions
The history of these tea and coffee plantations with the huge mansions turned into heritage hotels can be best enjoyed with Kenya Plantations Tours, offered by Tour to Kenya. Available under Tour to Kenya Plantation packages, the tour itineraries are flexible and can be customized according to your interests. If adventure gets you on a high, we can arrange for you a trek through the hills and rift valley of Kenya, and if you rather thrive amidst urban beats, Nairobi and Mombasa make for ideal getaways too.