Kenya Mountains Tours

Kenya enthralls the tourists on its Kenya Tours with its diverse landscape. Tours to the mountains of Kenya, arranged by Access Africa tours, makes for ideal holiday destination for adventurous tourists looking for an active vacation or a challenging safari trail.

Pay a visit to the Kenya Mountains and indulge in walks, bird watching, hikes and treks through the forests and on the slopes, with Access Africa tours which am sure you will never forget the experience.

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya is a surprise waiting to be unwrapped in the heart of Kenya's wildlife. It is the second highest peak in Africa located along the equator in Africa that has a summit standing at 5199m above sea level which is perpetually covered in ice. A haven for trekkers, hikers, and mountaineers, Mount Kenya is also commonly known for its wildlife too. Here, you can view elephants, bongo, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, bushbucks, duikers, giant forest hogs, and Colobus and Sykes monkeys in their natural surroundings, braving the contradictions that nature presents to them.

Mount Elgon
Located in the jungles near the Uganda borders, Mount Elgon is famous for the caves called the Elkony that are covered in ancient paintings especially for the cave called Kitum that is a nocturnal destination for herds of elephants and it is also a great venue for organizing treks, climbs, and nature walks.

Loroghi Hills
Found in the stronghold of the Samburu tribe, these hills make for the perfect counterfoil to the riches of urban landscape. Hence making it a must visit area for the tourists.

Western Highlands, Kenya Mountains Tours
These hill ranges in Western Highlands are birdwatchers and game viewers paradise. Located in the northern Rift Valley, and there home to some of the most spectacular drops, stunning waterfalls, and species of birds and animals that could easily have gone unaccounted for in the heartland of Kenya.

Simba Hills
Found in the Northern Kenya Rift Valley, Simba Hills make a perfect gateway from the arid plains and provide a great trekking route through forests, river valleys, villages, and cliffs with spectacular views of the valley beyond.

Taita and Chyulu Hills
Found on the edges of the popular Tsavo National Park, these hills provide excellent opportunity for treks and hikes, as well as a great spot for bird watching and game viewing. Trust Access Africa tours and you will never regret having chosen us.